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The meals served (by Shalom Ministries) for the first 10 months of 2018 totals 41,693. By adding an average of 4,161 for each of the last two months, the total for the year will be over 50,000 meals served for 2018 vs 45,751 for year 2017.

This represents an increased demand of 9.3% or 4,280 additional meals. Through our Dining with Dignity program, Shalom IS making a difference. Your support is greatly appreciated to help us keep up with this demand.

Holiday Meal Schedule

Shalom Ministries’ (Dining with Dignity) will be closed on Monday, Christmas Eve and Tuesday, Christmas Day. We will
re-open on Wednesday Morning, December 26th at 7:30 AM for Breakfast.

The following week, we will resume our regular meal schedule on Monday morning, EXCEPT for Tuesday, New Year’s Day, as
we will serve one meal only starting at 1:00 until 2:00 pm. We will also distribute take-along packages of gloves, hand warmers and treats during the New Year’s day meal.

Regular Meal Schedule



Third & Howard St


New Community Building

Howard Street Access Door

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We need your help

We need Volunteers to help serve meals at the following times:

Monday-Thursday Breakfast at 7:30 AM

Tuesday Dinner at 4:30 PM

Come find out what a Rewarding Experience this can Be.

Call: 509-455-9019

St. Lucy Breakfast

St. Lucy Breakfast is one of our fun fundraisers for Shalom Ministry. An annual event named after the patron saint of peasants, the next St. Lucy Breakfast is scheduled for February 23, 2020 at:

Event Center at the Summit
Rockwood Retirement Community
2903 East 25th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223

Beyond great food, the breakfast includes inspiring stories and images of our shared work to benefit the hungry and homeless residents of our community.

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2018 St. Lucy’s Fundraiser

Wish List

Please donate these badly needed items.

Shalom has long counted on a small network of food providers, like Second Harvest and Northwest Harvest Food Banks, to help us stretch dollars into an abundance of needed food. However, many items are always in short supply or not available from our providers. Syrup, for example, for pancakes or French toast, or ketchup for potatoes, must be purchased, if not donated. Our ability to offer appetizing meals with the proper ingredients depends on your generosity. Other items are also badly needed. Here is what is in short supply; if you are considering a donation beyond dollars, please consider these gifts:


  1. Brown Sugar
  2. White Sugar
  3. Sugar packets
  4. Salt and Pepper
  5. Syrup
  6. Jam or Jelly
  7. Coffee Creamer packets
  8. Margarine or Butter
  9. Ketchup
  10. Rolled Oats
  11. Pancake Batter
  12. 6” Paper Plates
  13. Granulated Garlic
  14. Milk
  15. Coffee (beans)


  1. Laundry soap
  2. Blankets
  3. Sleeping bags
  4. Coats and jackets
  5. Backpacks
  6. Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
  7. 18” Aluminum Foil
  8. Tampons
  9. Vinyl (food grade) Gloves, M-L-XL
Please call, text or email to arrange for delivery or pickup.
509-455-9019 |

New Community Building

518 West Third Avenue

Spokane WA 99201

Thank you and bless you for your generosity and kindness!

Volunteer Photo Gallery

Success Story

Only 14 months ago, Michelle found herself homeless and literally on the curb—no money, no place to call her own, in need of medical and dental care, with no job skills and with little more than a backpack. This petite 59-year old woman suffering from bi-polar mental health issues was certain her life was hopeless. A friend urged her to visit our Dining with Dignity program and meet Connie Nelson, Program Manager at Shalom Ministries’ Pathways Program. With the help and encouragement from Connie and the Shalom staff, Michelle is no longer a victim; she is a winner in charge of her new life and helping others regain their self-confidence and hope.

Shalom has and continues to help others through the “Pathways” of change and opportunities back into the mainstream. We have so much to do and so many others who need help. And we can’t accomplish these badly needed services without your help. PLEASE consider sending a gift today!

Your generosity has never been more needed, and appreciated, than now. Shalom’s vital team of volunteers turns your help and God’s love into amazing meals for all our guests, who Dine with Dignity every week! Won’t you consider taking a few moments to make a difference? Any contribution you send today will be a blessing!

Please consider becoming a corporate or individual donor.